Lydia Perez

Caribbean Arts of Rhode Island 

Rhode Island



Through  this program students will learn about the mythical figures from town festivals and folklore.  For example Loiza and Ponce town of Puerto Rico,  The vejigante is characterized as bad spirits meant to scare people back into the church, they symbolize the Moors that St. James, patron saint of Spain, had fought and vanquished.  Masks made from coconut in Loiza and paper mache in Ponce,  come in many bright colors and costumes with bat-like wings further the frightful appearance of the Vejigante.  Also we  will  talk about Los Cabezudos (Big head) of "Fiesta de San Juan" (San Juan Fest. from Puerto Rico).  It will be taught by Lydia Perez. Students will learn about the tradition and then craft their own mask to represent their own story or poetry.  The masks will be displayed in the end presentation.   Available for  residency only.