Lydia Pérez 


Curriculum Vitae 

The International artist Lydia Pérez, is an institution Artist in New England.  Lydia and her daughters are a providers of Caribbean Arts Programs in New England. Lydia is a performer, Art Educator, teaching artist, Column writer and artisan.  Lydia Pérez has spent the last twenty two years as a performer and cultural educator/activist in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. She has been recognized as a community asset by the Puerto Rican Affair Administration of Puerto Rico in Connecticut agencies, "EntreArte" of Puerto Rico, offices of the Rhode Island Governor and Congressional Representatives, State Representatives, Mayors of Providence and her town, Warwick. 

 Her work has been highly sought by cultural organizations and school departments in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Her national group YORUBA 2 is  a traditional family "BOMBA" and "PLENA" and other rhythms  group. With the time she adding professional  musician, such as: Luis Robertico Arias, Director of "Alebreke Group", Jesus Andujar, Director of "Grupo Sazón" both from Rhode Island and Rafael Vargas from Massachusetts.  Lydia has an extensive record of promoting activities that increase cross-cultural understanding, community outreach, cultural awareness and the self-esteem of both children and adults.